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Hair Restoration is a new age phenomenon of cosmetology that has been maturing towards strengthening the prospects of Non Surgical therapeutic options. The series of innovations that took place in the recent times have suggested the possibility of Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment solutions doing much better than the conventional procedures. In fact, the idea of opting for these novel options doesn’t actually mean that we eliminate the conventional therapies such as Hair Transplant. The new generation therapies can effectively compliment the scope and advantages offered by Transplant procedures. They can be recommended as combination therapies as well. We at Sheffield Clinic for Hair Care and Management will suggest the best applicable solutions depending on your preferences as well as the candidature. To begin with, do consider going through our informative hair loss brochure which is intended to help our patients to get the right perspective about various aspects of hair growth complications and subsequent therapeutic solutions.

PRP Therapy

PRP is a reliable and highly effective therapy that works for both men and women. It is also a natural process without involving surgery, PRP therapy is performed with the help of special injections. Purified blood that is rich in platelets and growth factors is the core substance of these injections that are given on the scalp. Based on many extensive scientific studies, we have a clear evidence based understanding that the hair growth in men and women has direct dependence on the quality of blood supply which actually influences the sustainability of healthy hair follicles. The purified form of blood containing platelets is responsible to enrich the quality of blood which indeed is a natural mechanism. The relevance of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is therefore established to be an explicit natural phenomenon and its therapeutic success is widely accepted because of its anticipated end results and outcome. Any hair loss specialist would vouch for recommending a natural process which will not only delay the negative effects of balding, but also induce the natural mechanism of Hair Re-Growth. Opt for this therapy if you observe a pattern of early hair loss as well as negative thinning effect. Read more


Mesothepray is offered as a hair loss treatment at Sheffield Clinic, serving as a classic example of how we approach cosmetology in general and hair care in particular. Similar to other non surgical cosmetic solutions, this therapy is also a procedure that eliminates the need for surgery and is preformed through specialized injections. The composition of solutions used in Mesotherapy at Sheffield Clinic is the combination of vitamins and enzymes that has the unique potential to stimulate the growth of hair follicles. The quality of hair growth after the therapy is way too superior when compared with the condition before the therapy. The aim is to achieve healthy and sustainable growth which can also absorb various well known limiting factors. The revival of scalp’s ability and restoration of hair growth is meaningless if the same cannot last long and therefore sustainability is a major objective of any non surgical hair loss treatment. Mesotherpay stands scrutiny in many ways and the core of this procedure is in line with the expectations of our patients and cosmetic experts. The added advantage of this procedure is evident by its ability to balance the hormonal activity which is essential to help in terms of controlled blood circulation and nourishment of follicles. Read more

Hair Loss Treatment experts at Sheffield Clinic

Nu Cosmetic Clinic is a premium entity in Cosmetology and its credibility is reflected through the expert resources we deploy according to our standing in the industry. In line with our commitment, we ensure all the essential measures are being taken care in terms of treatment facilities as well as the professionals equipped to confidently facilitate PRP and Mesotherpay procedures. Dr. Ashish Dutta is a well known name in cosmetology and he carries professional expertise of performing Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Surgery Procedures. Ms.Jane Haplin is an NHS specialist trained to carry out Non Surgical Procedures and her expertise is not limited to hair care and management alone.


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