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The contemporary scenario of cosmetology and cosmetic treatments has been very dynamic and impressive; one of the reasons for this development is the introduction of non surgical therapies. In line with these developments, there has also been a huge area of scope in terms of Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment options that are eventually becoming the premium choice solutions across the world. Any hair loss treatment at Nottingham represents this sense of modernity which is also a reflection of amplified possibilities and superior options. Our commitment is precisely to help all those concerned about having better and healthy hair that contributes to an impressive personality. You can walk into our clinic and seek more information from a dedicated hair loss specialist on various aspects pertaining to hair care and management. We also have an exciting hair loss brochure to share which talks about latest procedures like PRP Therapy and Mesotherapy.

PRP Therapy

The modern day demands of the cosmetology are pretty much applicable for the spectrum of hair care treatments as well, the range of demands that are globally recognized include the possibility of completely eliminating surgery from the treatment procedures along with treatments having scope for restorative outcomes and convenient therapy schedules. We can find PRP Therapy to be one of the most appropriate options when considering these genuine and real-time demands, after all cosmetology is about external revival with all the safety parameters in place. Additionally PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy also has a natural mechanism of action apart from having a very convenient process of administration with fine injections. There are two major aspects of this treatment which have often impressed the cosmetic experts as well as the hair care enthusiasts, they are nothing but the role of refined blood plasma rich in platelets and the way growth factors function in tandem with the natural process of hair growth. This procedure mimics a natural mechanism which is also dynamic in many ways. Such an option is preferred for the obvious reasons that include safety measures, real-time benefits and superior results to anticipate the re-growth of hair. Read more


This therapy is often quoted in the cosmetology circles for its unique formula and mechanism of action besides all the convenience that comes along with it. It is convenient because it is administered through special injections. It is also safe because it doesn’t involve surgery and therefore no incisions or cuts that spoil the outward texture of the scalp. This is of course in confinement with the core advantages of cosmetology or hair loss therapies that aim at facilitating a renewed external look. It is effective because it is a natural process that gets involved with the pathway of hair formation that happens at follicular region of the scalp. These multiple benefits are precisely experienced when you opt for Mesotherapy at Nottingham Clinic. The advantages and benefits that are listed in favor of this treatment are possible because of the compounded usage of vitamins and enzymes that are believed to induce and enhance hair growth at a desirable pace. Additionally, this option will help you to fight balding and can effectively reverse the effect of early and abrupt hair loss, if identified at an early stage. This is possible with the help of its unique hormonal balancing activity. The DTH hormone needs to be regulated to standard levels which is possible with the help of Mesotherapy. Read more

Hair Loss Treatment experts at Nottingham Clinic

Nu Cosmetic Clinic has been recognized for its unique brand value represented by several centers spread across the UK, offering quality treatment options. At our clinic, we take special care and attention not only to maintain our standards, but also to ensure every patient is satisfied because we always provide personalized solutions within the framework of cosmetic principles. We carry the same attitude when you approach us for PRP Therapy or Mesotherapy. With Dr. Ashish Dutta facilitating these therapies, you can rely upon his track record of being a renowned cosmetic expert with vast experience. Ms.Jane Haplin is our NHS specialist with an outstanding record of administering various healthcare procedures.



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