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With ever changing trends in cosmetology pointing towards the benefits and advantages of Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment driven by innovation in the field of hair care and management, it is evidently clear that the prospects for Hair Re-Growth are much higher than ever before. In accordance with the real-time change and developments in this filed, our clinic offers superior options of Hair Loss Treatment at Manchester. Procedures including PRP Therapy and Mesotherapy are categorized under the new age therapeutic solutions whether or not they can be referred as superior options to the conventional practices. Procedures such as Hair Transplant cannot be written off because they are still relevant for specific set of indications. In fact the advantage of these novel therapy recommendations can be experienced better when used in combination with the time-tested solutions. If you are a beginner or an enthusiast, it is good for you to flip through our well compiled and informative hair loss brochure which will help you during your interaction with the hair loss specialist at our Clinic.

PRP Therapy –

The introduction of PRP has truly revolutionized the way non surgical therapies work by giving a new direction to it. It works better in the patients facing hair thinning and early hair loss situations. According to the opinion of several experts, this falls under the basket of restorative cosmetic therapies which not only create a renewed impression but also have the ability to restore the natural process for growth, development and sustenance. The prospective results and outcomes of this therapy go beyond creating an impression that is only an external change. It is easy to understand the process and provisions of this treatment by appreciating the potential of purified blood cells that are rich in platelets. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is highly recommended for Hair Restoration because of the natural pathway involved as well as the procedure which doesn’t require a lot of time. This is also great relief in terms of pain management as the procedure is all about injecting purified form of blood after centrifuging. For men and women who are troubled with rapid and random hair loss patterns, this is one of the highly recommended therapies with multiple advantages and long term benefits. Read more

Mesotherapy –

The role of nourishment and better maintenance of hair with systematic diet is a well known factor, Mesotherapy aims at fulfilling the balance that perhaps is lost for several years because of which various patterns of hair loss occurs. Mesotherapy at Manchester Clinic is offered by injecting composite solution that is rich in vitamins and enzymes that can trigger or stimulate the re-growth of hair follicles. This is not a temporary growth; instead it’s a therapy with something to do with restorative and rejuvenating growth. The change you experience at the end of your Mesotherapy treatment can also be sustained for longer time with better care and maintenance. The positive effect of this therapy is in fact hidden in its mechanism of action; the injected components contribute to the quality blood circulation in the scalp region. They also improve the scope for nourishment as per the natural process. Follicles are protein substances that would require protein rich nourishment. In the similar way, hair growth also has a lot of hormonal dependency which needs to be neutralized or balanced and the same is possible with Mesotherapy. Read more 

Hair Loss Treatment experts at Manchester Clinic 

Nu Cosmetic Clinic is represented through reputed centers for Cosmetology spread across the UK known for quality treatment and facilitating reliable solutions. Maintaining the standard of care and treatment facilities at our Manchester Clinic is possible with the best of resources we take pride in. The procedures of PRP and Mesotherapy can only be successful when handled by experts with special training and expertise in the given field. Dr. Ashish Dutta a renowned cosmetic expert carries his vast experience of performing Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Surgery Procedures for fifteen years. Ms.Jane Haplin, an NHS specialist is also trained to facilitate Non Surgical Procedures. She also has wide range of capabilities of delivering healthcare solutions. 


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