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An Entirely Viable PRP Therapy/Mesotherapy At London


In a new era of cosmetology that is driven by innovation and therapies focusing on adding more comfort to the patients, the role played by various Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment Procedures is laudable. These are among the relatively latest introductions and are finding a great deal of acceptance because of their unique therapeutic propositions. Hair Care and Management is a very significant area in cosmetology and non surgical therapies like Mesotherapy and PRP Therapy are among the highly desirable and globally recommended treatment options. At our London Clinic, we want to engage with all our patients with a different approach which is more comforting and assuring in terms of the treatment benefits and outcomes. The hair loss brochure we publish is exclusively designed to help you with the basics of hair loss and cosmetic options you can depend on. You will also be given the guidance of a hair loss expert to clarify your concerns and apprehensions. The core objective of the therapies we offer is to help restoring your hair growth potential.               

PRP Therapy –

PRP is one of the two prominent non surgical treatment options and its uniqueness lies in the potential to restore the growth of hair after strengthening the hair follicles. The origin of hair happens from the follicles that are found in the scalp region, this region is prone to lose its ability or potential with time due to various internal and external factors including some of the environment related limitations. When the hair growth begins to take a receding pace, hair fall and balding are the conditions to be anticipated. While the head scalp gradually loses its potential, there is a collateral damage caused to the hair follicles. It is beyond doubt that very nature of hair follicles influences the healthy and sustainable growth of hair and therefore it is completely reasonable to depend on treatments that can rightly target the revival and sustained improvement of these follicles. PRP Therapy is definitely one of the credible options to consider as its mode of action results in improving the blood circulation and subsequently improve the health of the follicular cells. This is not a complex procedure and in fact many of the cosmetic experts recommend this for its simplicity, you can expect an early recovery and restoration of scalp with the help of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy that acts in a natural way. Read more

Mesotherapy –    

Defined by its core ability to restore the hair growth potential and facilitate hair re-growth, Mesotherapy is yet another significant non surgical therapy. Its uniqueness is evident through the treatment prospects that are comparable with the final outcome as desired. The mode of action of this therapy is targeted and has the capability of stimulating the growth and development of hair follicles. They are nothing but the specific target regions that influence the hair growth pattern of head scalp. The thinning of hair, uneven presence or growth of hair and early trends of hair loss are due to the reduced capability of scalp. The head scalp can retain its potential only with the help of sustained nourishment and special care. Mesotherapy at London Clinic is a dedicated therapy that showcases the best of what cosmetology could do for the sake of hair re-growth and revival; the best thing about the whole treatment is that it is a natural process facilitating natural results that would remain effective for a very long time in the future. Injecting vitamin rich components to improve nourishment and quality blood circulation would induce a natural restorative process that will first revive the follicular capabilities followed by the growth of healthy hair.  Read more

Hair Loss Treatment experts at London Clinic

Nu Cosmetic Clinic is a premium cosmetic care center with an exclusive focus and attention towards delivering non surgical therapies for hair care and management. In order to provide proactive care and support, we have dedicated professionals to handle patient counseling, treatment planning and careful implementation. Our experts are trusted for effectively facilitating PRP Therapy and Mesotherapy procedures by also considering the overall healthcare scenario. These treatments are performed by Dr.Ashish Dutta who is a leading cosmetic expert with fifteen years of experience and a fellowship program in cosmetic surgery. Our NHS specialist, Ms.Jane Haplin has the desired expertise to perform various cosmetic functions including the non surgical hair loss treatment procedures.       


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