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The introduction of the era of Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment Procedures has fasteracceptance and the swiftly growing popularity of related therapies in this arena indicates thehigh-end potential of these new age therapeutic solutions. At our Liverpool Clinic, we take anapproach that is different and helpful for the patients. The patient awareness oriented hair lossbrochure is specially designed to explain in detail about the crucial elements of hair loss andhow an experienced hair loss expert will inspire new hope of revival. When you consider thepattern of hair loss treatment at Liverpool clinic, you can readily opt for non surgical options,depending on your candidature. There are two major types of hair treatments we offer atLiverpool falling in the category of Non Surgical Therapies – they are PRP and Mesotherapyprocedures.

PRP Therapy –

Restoration of hair is the core objective of offering PRP Therapy which aims at reversing the lostcapacity of hair growth. Typically it improves the quality of hair and provides a renewed platformfor re-growth opportunities. PRP is perceived to be more reliable and effective which is alsoapplicable for both men and women. The procedure of PRP Therapy is not very complex and itinvolves the extraction of blood followed by separating high potential platelet cells that areinjected on the head scalp. This procedure is also considerably safe with all the relevant safetyparameters in place according to the standard protocols. PRP stands for Platelet Rich PlasmaTherapy which has its core of procedure designed based on the physiological understanding wehave from the recent research findings. These findings suggest the presence of highly potentialgrowth factors in purified blood which can exponentially improve the quality of blood whichwould subsequently provide the necessary growth and direction for the hair follicles which arenothing but protein composites. Healthy and rejuvenated hair follicles can accelerate speedyrecovery of scalp’s potential and ultimately result in strikingly stronger hair. Read more

Mesotherapy –

Mesotherpay is yet another type of Non Surgical Therapies with multiple benefits among whichfacilitating Hair Re-Growth is worth mentioning. Though popularly recommended for menagainst balding, it is a gender neutral treatment which is also proactive in nature, restoring theability of hair follicles through a natural mechanism. Mesotherapy at Liverpool clinic is aclassic example of taking the innate or natural route to restore lost potential of hair growth aftereffectively arresting the hair loss pattern in men and women. During this therapy or procedure,specialized injections are given; they are rich in essential vitamins and key enzymes that areknown for stimulating the repair and re-growth mechanisms. For this very reason cosmeticexperts prefer to call Mesotherpay as a restorative therapy which literally means the revival andrejuvenation of new possibilities. This procedure also addresses the issue of hormonalimbalances that lead to disorders of early thinning and falling of hair. The composite solutionsused in the Mesotherpay injections are known to have the ability to neutralize the DHT hormonalactivity apart from improving the quality circulation of blood. The procedure we offer at ourLiverpool clinic is relatively painless and doesn’t require the initiation of anesthesia as aprerequisite. Read more

Hair Loss Treatment experts at Liverpool Clinic

Nu Cosmetic Clinic takes pride and pleasure in the fact that we have always been facilitatingbest of the resources for the sake of patient counseling, consultation, support and treatmentsolutions. In the same spirit, we have engaged expert professionals for providing qualitytreatment through PRP and Mesotherpay procedures. Dr. Ashish Dutta is a leading expert inperforming Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Surgery Procedures; he is qualified with a fellowshipprogram in cosmetic surgery and has vast expedience of treating patients for fifteen years.Ms.Jane Haplin is our NHS specialist; she is well equipped to perform Non Surgical Procedureswith diverse exposure in various Healthcare functions.


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