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At the time when Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment procedures are taking over the top spot of major cosmetology procedures pertaining to hair care and management, Cosmetic Clinic Leicester is growing in its popularity for adopting latest techniques and globally recognized best practices. We offer PRP Therapy and Mesotherapy solutions that are considered to be among the best therapeutic procedures known for being effective and relatively safe. These therapies are recommended for restorative and preventive purposes because of which they can also be offered along with the time-tested transplant procedures. When you consider undergoing any hair loss treatment at Leicester, our hair loss expert will guide you through counseling process about various treatments you can choose from. You can always pick up an exclusively prepared hair loss brochure from our center. We believe in dedicated services that are personalized to match your preferences.

PRP Therapy

There are two clear aspects of hair loss therapies, they are prevention of hair loss or balding and restoration of hair re-growth potential. These two aspects are proactively addressed by the PRP Therapy which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. Many experts classify this under the category of natural restorative procedures that are different from some of the traditional cosmetic treatments that would essentially require surgical interventions. The core of this procedure involves the isolation and injection of high quality and platelet rich blood cells that are also responsible for strengthening the hair follicles from where the origin of hair takes place. Since it is a natural procedure, it is also inferred to be safe when the benefits and limitations of the treatment are evaluated based on the standard norms and parameters. There is another important aspect to consider about this treatment which is nothing but the application of growth factors, the platelet rich plasma contains these natural growth factors that have the potential to induce hair growth by strengthening the scalp as well. Repairing the damaged regions of scalp is a significant phase of the restorative treatment process and PRP Therapy is highly effective in offering the same benefit as a key differentiator.
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Hair Re-Growth is often quoted as the primary benefit offered by Mesotherapy which is also a globally accepted non surgical treatment procedure aiming at the restoration of hair. You can anticipate a natural pattern of growth after the completion of desired treatment cycles which are administered through fine injections. Mesotherapy involves the application of enzyme and vitamin rich components that are scientifically proven to induce the growth of hair by enhancing health and nourishment of scalp. This treatment is very effective during the initial stages of hair loss because of two significant reasons. It can quickly reverse the damage caused and at the same time slows down the pattern of abrupt hair loss and balding. If you can successfully undergo this treatment, you can expect long term benefits without having any artificial impression. You will be impressed with the mechanism of action or the pathway of this therapy because it also addresses the imbalances pertaining to the hormonal presence and activity in your body. With the proven ability to neutralize or balance the activity of DHT Hormone, this procedure can significantly prevent the negative impact on hair growth followed by sustaining the growth potential of the follicles. Read more

Hair Loss Treatment experts at Leicester Clinic

Nu Cosmetic Clinic is a unique entity dedicated for cosmetic care and treatments that are offered with proactive patient counseling and targeted therapy measures. This commitment is reflected in the choice of treatments we offer as well as the quality of cosmetology experts we engage; PRP and Mesotherapy procedures are the classic examples of the same. Dr. Ashish Dutta, our cosmetic expert with his well known reputation of performing Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Surgery Procedures has been facilitating restorative therapies for fifteen years. Ms.Jane Haplin is an NHS specialist who is trained and equipped to provide Non Surgical Procedures. She is also known for her exposure in supporting different Healthcare procedures.



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