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Massively Popular PRP Therapy/Mesotherapy At Leeds


Hair Restoration Therapies are part of the new generation Hair Care and Management solutions that have been revolutionizing the basic idea of Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment in terms of prospects and unique possibilities. At our Leeds Clinic, you can always experience the difference because we provide you with credible options that are also serving as alternatives to surgical provisions. We also ensure that you will benefit from redefined techniques of cosmetology, you can comfortably choose from PRP Therapy and Mesotherapy which are globally recognized for their restorative capabilities. Your preference to opt from one of these therapies will be backed by the fact that they are non surgical in nature, offering more comfort. The desirable outcome of reviving hair growth and more importantly restoring natural pattern of growth after experiencing early loss of hair and thinning effect is worth mentioning. You can ask for our hair loss brochure for an initial understanding about the therapeutic solutions we offer.

PRP Therapy

Hair loss is the end result of lost potential and capacity of head scalp to sustain hair follicles that are dependable for producing healthy hair. Given this understanding, it is pretty much clear that the real effect of any treatment is evident only by targeting restoration. PRP Therapy is a fine example of credible solutions featuring Hair Loss Treatment at Leeds, restorative capability alone makes PRP more unique and reliable. What is PRP Therapy? It is nothing but Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy that works on the principle of facilitating more purified and efficient blood circulation in the scalp region. The objective is to provide better nourishment and stimulate the growth and further sustenance of hair follicles which are healthy too. The required blood for fulfilling the procedure can be extracted from the patient itself and it is centrifuged to segregate platelet rich blood cells containing growth factors. This mechanism is supported by the growth factors that are naturally present in blood and when they are introduced in a purified form with rich platelet composition, it is pretty natural to expect an enhanced activity of repair and rejuvenation, the two phases of any restoration therapy. Read more


Mesotherapy at Leeds Clinic is defined by its objective approach which is to facilitate the process of hair restoration. As part of the procedure, vitamins and enzymes with rich natural capability are injected at the target regions of scalp to stimulate the Hair Re-Growth pattern. This works on a productive mechanism which effectively negotiates the regressive pattern of hair thinning, loss and balding. These are nothing but the three stages leading to permanent balding. The initial stage is thinning which leads to hair loss and balding if it is left unattended. Mesotherapy works at the initial stages and may not be effective with the situation getting more complex. Typically it doesn’t have great effect over balding and because of which any hair loss specialist will recommend Mesotherpay the moment undesirable thinning is noticed. You must also consider the nature of hair follicles that are also the basic elements from which hair growth happens. They need to be sustained with proper nourishment, supply of growth factors, blood and oxygen circulation. Only then we can expect the growth and sustenance of strong and healthy hair which indeed is a natural phenomenon. When such a phenomenon is lost, the application of Mesotherpay is a promising option to restore that lost phenomenon. Read more

Hair Loss Treatment experts at Leeds Clinic

Nu Cosmetic Clinic believes in providing wide range of cosmetic options and solutions that are implemented under the supervision of experts of great caliber and credibility. This is indeed the reason behind the success we experience at our Leeds Clinic. Our Hair Care Specialist Dr. Ashish Dutta brings along his enriched experience and expertise of performing Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Surgery Procedures. Ms.Jane Haplin, an NHS specialist has undergone special training to perform Non Surgical Procedures and she also has a great know-how when it comes to several other therapeutic areas in Cosmetology.


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