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PRP – Non Surgical

PRP Causes A Complete Scalp Metamorphosis


One of the fast emerging treatments related to the hair in today’s world, the PRP Therapy is an effective process in itself, bringing in hugely improved results and a lifetime of bliss. An acronym for Platelet-Rich Plasma, this is ultimately used to only strengthen existing follicles, not to replace them. Therefore, it cannot be considered as an alternative to normal transplant surgery. On the contrary, the most optimum results can be achieved with a combination of these two techniques, normally including a month of pre-procedure preparation before the next stage. Irrespective of age or gender, it is widely opted nowadays.

In the UK, there are a whole lot of clinics offering the procedure, most notably among them the Nu Cosmetic Clinic with its locations spread all throughout the country. Numerous amount of doctors continue to get specialized training in this ‘futuristic’ treatment, due to its growing relevance & popularity. Numerous clients suffering from the problem of thinning hair as a result of various factors like hormone imbalances, lifestyle changes, childhood experiences, medication effects, etc usually try to avoid surgically demanding transplant procedures and look for less complicated or quick-heal options, those which ensure comparatively less scarring/swelling to their head portion.


Discovered only in the recent past, the PRP Therapy makes efficient utilization of a growth enhancing blood constituent called platelets, which when combined together with plasma, results in an unprecedented increase in the hair follicles across the treated areas. Best suited to those who have been affected by alopecia, male/female pattern baldness, or trauma, this procedure guarantees outright success after injecting the solution obtained accordingly into the redundant areas. Since it directly involves one’s very own sample, there is no need to be overly apprehensive about any rejection, infections, or reactions from the body that can produce an adverse effect.



At each of our clinics, we have an experienced & skilful team who are well-versed in all the current trends in the Platelet Rich Plasma therapy field, thereby keeping themselves updated on a timely basis. In addition to our consultants/coordinators, we boast of exemplary specialists possessing an impressive record of performing hundreds of successful treatments worldwide. Having a long-standing association with most of the reputed medical institutions globally, they can handle any doubts you may possess seeing to it that the patients get accompanied until the recovery stage and beyond. Of them, Dr. Ashish Dutta stands out above the rest.


• Fairly simple non-surgical process, as it ensures maximum transparency.
• Minimal amount of scars and/or swelling after the procedure.
• Practically no overnight stay in the hospital required.
• The outcome starts to manifest itself in about six week’s time.
• Exceptional aftercare together with the whole treatment package.



As is illustrated above, the activity of PRP Therapy effectively starts with collecting the blood sample from the individual patient who is primed to undergo the non surgical procedure. This is done usually through injections to the arm or another body part through which a sizeable quantity having the ability to fill up to 4 syringes is acquired. The resultant mixture so obtained is comprised of various different components that are involved, such as plasma, red cells, white cells, or platelets. Soon after, the first ingredient among these, a yellowish liquid, is separated out w.r.t the rest of the solution.

The separation of the different constituents is carried out by making the sample pass through a constantly spinning machine called centrifuge that rotates its constituents in a round-about manner. It is the resultant fluid enriched with growth-enhancing platelets, termed as platelet rich plasma, which is ultimately re-injected back into the scalp portions containing dormant follicles. During and post-procedure, the derma roller is used in order to thicken & cement into place the new blood onto the areas where it has been injected on the head. Even during the recovery, the patients are advised to use this for approx. a month.


Where all in the UK is the PRP Treatment available?
Our branches in the United Kingdom are concentrated across major cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Preston, Leamington Spa, Belfast and Leeds.

What exactly is the PRP Procedure all about?
Here, the blood collected from the patient is injected back into the affected scalp areas, after segregating the platelet-enriched plasma with the rest of the components.

How can PRP Therapy be beneficial to our customers?
Once you opt for this procedure, it assures you of lasting changes to your previously thin hair and not only thickens, but also strengthens them forever.

Why the PRP Procedure is so coveted in today’s age?
As many clients are scared to undergo physically demanding surgical transplant treatments, they choose this which is much less taxing and emotionally stressful in every way.

Which are the areas where PRP Therapy can be applied?
Mainly the recipient area, comprising those parts of the head having less hair and also those that have stopped growing, gets treated upon for the treatment.

When do the results of the PRP Treatment begin to show?
The process, which normally takes about an hour and half (90 minutes long), can begin to show the expected results within a time frame of six weeks.

Who all are the people eligible to undergo the PRP Process?
Any male or female suffering from various factors like alopecia, pattern baldness, burns, dormancy, etc can check themselves in for this non surgical treatment.

Do we need to undergo the PRP Therapy multiple times?
Yes, based on the follow-up meetings held during the later part of recovery, the practitioners can decide on successive treatments depending on the circumstances.

Is the PRP Procedure entirely risk-free & free of scars?
Virtually free of scars or infection as an after-effect, the Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy aids in rapid healing of the scalp soon after the process.

Will the PRP Treatment produce a long-lasting effect?
One can undoubtedly be assured in the lifelong changes that are observed as part of this therapy’s outcome, thereby greatly improving the inherent hair quality.