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Hair Loss Treatments – PRP and Mesotherapy

Golden Opportunity For Hair Loss Treatments In UK

In an age where there is a frantic rush for procedures that can greatly enhance one’s outward appearance, those concerning the scalp of the head are increasingly assuming a frequency that is unmatched elsewhere. Over the years, the rapid rate at which the hair particles show signs of diminishing have a profound impact on the individual’s personality & outlook. It just goes to show the huge importance placed on external looks and ways to improve inherent defects. Unsurprisingly, many of the persons in the UK displaying these characteristics are choosing either PRP Therapy or Mesotherapy, rather than usual transplants, to bring about this drastic change.

PRP Therapy

A quite popular hair restoration process, PRP Therapy involves the extraction of a potential customer’s blood, and then separating out the plasma containing the growth-intensifying platelets from the rest of the sample constituents using a centrifuge. This enriched plasma is then re-injected back into the patient through the administration of small surgical needles (derma roller) multiple times. Though there might be slight discomfort and pain due to the incision, the relatively short duration ensures that it subsides soon after. A client can be discharged on the same day, and resume normal duties in just a couple of days’ time.


Being similar in few aspects with PRP, Mesotherapy is used to make a series of minute injections each carrying a vast assortment of essential body compounds such as acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and collagens, into the parts of the head where the hair needs to be replenished again. This diverse mixture, which is applied on the dermal layer of the skin, can play a vital role in strengthening the cell metabolism of the follicles that have become redundant, thereby resulting in more thick & denser hair. It might require a sequence of about 7-8 sessions for the full results to be manifested.

At the Nu Cosmetic Clinic, you can readily select the most suitable therapy among PRP Therapy and Mesotherapy after detailed consultations with the concerned specialists, who will no doubt assist you in the transformation to a bright future. This is done after going through various related contingencies and after taking your opinion also into consideration. Whether it be our expert doctors or skilled nurses, we as a whole see to it that we accompany you from start to finish. In addition, the world-class facilities at our clinics situated all over UK grant you the most comfortable and safest journey ever.