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About Us

Pillar Of Strength – Our Dedicated Staff

One of the most enterprising setups that can be found in the UK today, the Nu Cosmetic Clinic prides itself on being an astute forerunner in the field of cosmetic surgery. A striking mix of the best equipments & a skilful team makes us easily accessible to our growing clientele.

In addition to a diverse & glorified plethora of surgical procedures, we have been able to add to our vast repertoire several non-surgical treatments which have proved to be hugely popular among customers for their relative simplicity & deft efficiency. These include hair restoration processes like PRP Therapy and Mesotherapy.

Customer-Centric Services

Keeping in alignment with a major principle of our organization, we see to it that our clients get what they duly deserve & in immense amounts – only the very best. This is a primary reason for our constant endeavour to provide the latest treatments available in the developed market today.

The Nu Cosmetic Clinic in the UK focuses on an effective transformation of an rather timid past to a much brighter future. To bring about this change, we carry our business with a quiet demeanour yet resourceful approach, one which works out in meeting the high expectations for our patients.

Sustained High-Performance

Having roots going back over a period of 25 years, Nu Cosmetic Clinic boasts of a well-established and an ever-increasing user base all over the UK. The lengthy experience combine to form an effective partnership with equally committed specialists, each of whom possess amazing credentials together with travelling extensively worldwide.

Be it PRP Therapy or Mesotherapy, we consistently deliver high output both in terms of our process & results. It is apparently evident in the eagerness of our customers to quickly embrace these unconventional techniques and make them a part of the effort they undertake to enhance their outward appearance.